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Psychic Readers on APN

All psychic readers on our network are screened before hire. We are deliberate with our hiring practices. All psychic applicants must give a live reading to the testing coordinator. Each applicant is scheduled for an appointment. The coordinator gives them specific instructions and the psychic applicant performs a reading.

This process is very similar to an audition. It is pretty basic for the coordinator to determine if the applicant should be given an a contract. Some of the basics (common sense) factors consist of did the reading hit anything accurate that happened in the past or taking place in the present, was there reading style/technique/ discipline that demonstrates experience. We do not hire newbies without style. Instead we recommend they acquire technique and style and then and only then apply after they have accumulated experience.

In 97% of instances we will not send an offer. The reason for this is simple: we want only solid psychics that can truly perform a psychic reading. Hence, if you were going to the doctor placing your life on the line you would probably anticipate results. The same concept applies here.

Most of our clients return because they found quality in our services. We have been in operation since September 2001. Most of our clients have experience receiving psychic readings either by another psychic or another psychic network. They too can tell immediately quality. Same concept that applied in the test reading evaluation applies here.

The board of directors on APN has over 3 decades of experience from working on other Psychic Networks. Some of those networks are not around anymore. Many of the practices that worked have been applied on APN. The concepts that didnt work out on those networks have been observed and not attempted.

Our industry is a unique niche. However one thing is for sure, when it comes to providing a quality service with only the best psychic advisors performing telephone psychic readings, we take our job seriously.